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Context Mapping

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You want to commission a new research project because you have a new marketing team, want to gain a broad-based understanding of the market and consumers, or to develop new strategies.
But do you really need a new project?
Let SEESAW conduct Context Mapping, an exercise to review and synthesise your existing research reports. It may answer your immediate questions. Or help to design a new research programme to gain new insights.


Why there is a need for Decode:

An in-depth understanding of the market and the consumers are critical contextual insights that will guide your strategy, and design the roadmap to your brand’s success.

But while consumers could tell us how they perceive and behave, they’re not always able to fully articulate why. It’s because their perception and behaviour are a result of the interaction of their values, attitudes, motivation and external market influences… such as the wider popular cultural context, category trends and activities, and brand activities. And it’s up to us to analyse and reveal the underlying influences that shape how they act and feel.

And to develop a robust and holistic strategy, we’ll need to supplement what we hear from consumers with an analysis of what brands are doing in the market. By discerning their strategy and positioning, we can identify opportunities for your brand.
“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”
Sun Tzu
To this end, we’ve developed Decode, an approach to comprehensively analyse brands.

The Decode approach:

We’ll identify the currencies, codes, signs and symbols that define the category and specific brands by analysing how they communicate with consumers through their ATL, BTL, online, and social media initiatives, packaging etc.

This approach is adapted from semiotics, which, to put it very succinctly, is the study of signs and symbols.

Decode analysis then helps us to construct the category and brand landscapes, showing us where your brand is now mapped relative to your competitors. We’ll then be able to know how your brand can tap into dominant or emerging opportunities. Or how it can stand out from your competitors and be easily recognised.

The applications of Decode:

  1. Develop marketing strategy founded on a solid contextual understanding of consumer segments, category landscape, brand landscape
  2. Develop brand positioning
  3. Develop brand communication
  4. Provide inputs for packaging design
  5. Provide inputs for retail design

This is a very unique and extremely useful approach which is not offered by many. And we‘ll be happy to discuss with you how Decode can help take your brand further.

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Ideation workshops

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Your organisation’s full of talented people from different backgrounds, with different experiences. What’s the best way to fully harness their creative energies, insights and knowledge to develop new ideas, renovation initiatives or strategies for business and marketing objectives? Our ideation workshops!

You can get your marketing research, advertising, marketing, sales teams or creative consumers to participate in these workshops.
We’ll open a floodgate of ideas in the interesting and interactive workshops.
And we won’t just stop at blue-sky ideas that’ll leave you hanging up there (well, we could, if you want us to). We’ll work with you to make blue-sky ideas more concrete, snowballing them into reality.






We‘ve developed a range of qualitative approaches based on ethnographic research.
These include in-home observation, task-specific in-home observation, accompanied shopping, usage diaries and journals (written, photos or videos).
The list is not exhaustive, but we’ll recommend the best ways for you to gain a deep understanding of your consumers.





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Focus Group Discussions and
In-depth Interviews

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It’s a classic approach, but we won’t just base it on previous studies conducted.
It’ll be designed to best answer your present needs. We’ll also use projective techniques that are there to gain maximum insights. And not just for the razzle and dazzle.